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Shame in Silence: Eating Disorder Awareness Week

NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear joins other eating disorder experts to answer questions and debunk common misconceptions about eating disorders and related challenges on CBC LIve Online with Lauren O'Neil.  Read the full article and replay the live chat here.

“Men get this, men die from this,” says eating disorders doctor

NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear talks about the myths surrounding eating disorders, in partiular that it's only a girls' illness, in this Radio Canada International health column.  Read the full article here.  

Critical Mass

In this Walrus Magazine article, NEDIC Director Merryl Bear weighs in on the so-called "obesity epidemic" and the stigmatization faced by plus-sized women.  Read the full story here.

More Men Suffering From Eating Disorders

NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear, is quoted at length in this Epoch Times article on the barriers men face in accessing treatment for eating disorders.  Read the full story here.

Anorexia hitting men increasingly hard: One in three cases in new study is male

posterMerryl Bear, Director of NEDIC, was interviewed for a feature article in the National Post in January and was quoted at length. Read the full article here.

The new faces of anorexia and bulimia

In this Calgary Herald article republished by the National Post, experts including NEDIC's Director, Merryl Bear, comment on how eating disorders give a false sense of accomplishment in a world that might feel very chaotic and out of control.  Read the full article here.


Binge eating may be related to childhood experiences

NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear talks about the difficulties faced by binge-eaters in an article published by Canadian Military Family Magazine. Read the full story here.

Eating disorders highlighted at NEDIC fundraiser

NEDIC Program Coordinator, Suzanne Phillips, talks about the complexity of eating disorders and how support plays a key role in recovery, as NEDIC prepares to host its First Annual Fundraiser on February 2, 2012.  Read The Daily Planet's full article here. 

Bullying, body image and eating disorders: NEDIC helps young girls fight for their self-esteem

Canadian News Wire features NEDIC Director Merryl Bear's efforts to raise awareness about eating disorders among girls as young as 10 years old, and how poor body image and low self-esteem make them particulalry vulnerable.

Disordered eating

In this article published by The London Free Press and Sun News, NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear, explains that disorered eating or behaviours are not choices but necessities based on compulsive attitudes, fueled by emotional desires.  Read the full story.