Your Hunger Is Not Meant To Be Suppressed


Recently, an ad in Time Square for an appetite suppressing lollipop caused an uproar in the eating disorder and non diet community. This lollipop is being promoted as a tool for people to get a “flat tummy”. Many clinicians, activists and people living with eating disorders have shared their thoughts on why this type of product is not only ridiculous, but also potentially dangerous.

Someone I know has an eating disorder. What should I do?


So someone you love told you about their eating disorder.

Ohhh, the courage this has taken.

When I “came out” to my husband four years ago I whispered the words, whilst struggling to breathe. Panic rushed in, tried to silence me. Telling him made everything real and there could be no turning back; I knew I had to get help. I couldn’t do it alone. I was 40 years old.

Anorexia & Ramadan: A Muslim Convert’s Recovery Journey

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The first time I started fasting for Ramadan, I wasn’t even Muslim yet.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about my anorexia.

Disclaimer: I am not here to speak for everyone with an eating disorder, nor all people with mental health issues. I am not here to extort a plethora of Islamic inspiration and pretend like recovery is so easy if you just strengthen your faith in Allah’s plan.

Calling All Moms in Eating Disorder Recovery: You Are Not Alone

TRIGGER WARNING: The following content mentions eating disorder symptoms and may be triggering for some individuals - please read with caution.

My husband and I were in our mid 30s when our first daughter was born. Although we were elated to become parents, we were also shocked into broad sweeping life changes. We both had successful careers, a vibrant social life, a variety of athletic activities that we enjoyed together and individually, and practically no limitations on our time. Now, as parents, our hearts and lives were changed forever.