My Journey to Inspire 50 000 Girls to Love the Skin They're in

I am an activist. Sometimes it rocks.  Sometimes it feels like I am swimming against the stream.  But it always feels true.  I woke up to realizing that something wasn't right when I was healing from my eating disorder in high school and I determined to become part of the change.  I summoned my inner activist, the courageous part of me that intuitively knew that something wasn't right with a culture presenting limiting stereotypes for women and men.  I went on strike from the madness within my mind and healed the split on the inside.  I sat Zen for years to get to the heart of the matter.

Then I made a date with the world. I founded Love the Skin You're In™ to inspire youth to awaken to their inherent radiance, realize body and self-esteem, and give back to their communities.  My passion is engaging youth in straight talk about culture and personal power.

What are the basic principles upheld in each presentation?

Love the Skin You're In™ questions what has become a normalized beauty ideal. It calls out the dieting, cosmetic surgery, beauty and hollywood industries’ interests that promulgate this ideal as healthy, sexual and universal, (deep bows to Naomi Wolf).  It debunks prevalent representations of women in the media and explores the evolution of beauty ideals within the context of past cultural myths and understandings of the female form (which were, for the record, rockstar amazing in their veneration of our bodies' amazing gifts of life, nurture, pleasure and illumination).  Love the Skin You're In™ declares perfectionism as the highest form of self-abuse, names and explains self-objectification, calls out the sexploitation of women in the media ( increasing numbers of which are young girls) and inspires girls and women beyond the looks-based comparison, competition, and bullying that can result from these compromising messages. It then teaches girls to consciously choose the conversations they entertain inside their minds, to become leaders that build community and sisterhood both within their school walls and online, and most of all, to value themselves for their substance, complexity, and unique humanity so that when they write the stories of their own lives, they are the ones holding the pen.

In many ways my dream has already come true.  At the same time, I feel as though I'm poised at a precipice.  Media literacy is more deeply needed than ever in this crazy, messy culture. At this crucial tipping point the world is at, I am called to expand my program to reach 100 000 more young women with this message.  I am grateful to NEDIC for inviting me to the conversation they have hosted for years.  In partnership, we thrive. 

Brie Mathers is a McGill University graduate whose work as an activist, author, and yogini, has been featured in Coastal Living, 65 Degree, Origin, and Focus Magazine. She has spoken to 50 000 across Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S.  Her 2013 partners include, The University of Rochester Medical School of Nursing, The Western New York Comprehensive Care Center, Wanderlust Yoga Festival, YWCA, and the National Eating Disorders Information Centre in Canada  and The National Eating Disorders Association in the U.S.  Brie resides between Muskoka, Canada and Carmel, California.  She would love to bring Love the Skin You're In™ to your community!

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