The Morning Process for Living a Life You Love

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We Are Ruled by Our Rituals or Habits

Through my experience as an eating disorder survivor and bulimia recovery coach, I’ve learned that our lives are made up of our daily rituals, or habits.  We’re either surviving or thriving because we have either empowering or disempowering habits of thought and behavior patterns. Top athletes are successful because they create healthy, successful habits and practice them consistently.

To move past your eating disorder it’s important to replace those obsessive thought habits about food and disempowering behavior patterns with new habits that empower and uplift you.

How to Create Empowering Habits – The Morning Process

It’s more effective to replace negative habits with positive habits than try to eliminate them. One habit I practice each day and invite you to try is called The Morning Process.

There are a variety of things you can do each morning to deliberately set the tone or state of mind for your day. When you first wake up is the best time to start charting a course for your thoughts to go in a positive direction. If you practice thinking empowering thoughts every morning you will begin to shift the tide of energy within you from negative to positive.

Examples of activities to consider for your Morning Process include:
• Meditating
• Listening to uplifting or energizing music
• Dancing
• Reading affirmations
• Watching inspiring videos
• Gratitude journaling

The purpose of The Morning Process is to feel really, really good before you begin your day. How much time you spend on it will depend upon your lifestyle and how fast you want to see changes.

Here’s my Morning Process; before I get out of bed I listen to 30 minutes of my favorite inspirational videos on YouTube (I’m a big fan of Abraham-Hicks). Then I focus my mind so I feel love and appreciation for the people and things in my life.

The goal of my morning process is to have a big smile on my face and in my heart before I get out of bed. When I generate feelings like excitement, happiness, and playfulness I know I’m ready to start my day.  I take those feelings with me into the world.

The outcome you want from your Morning Process is to feel as good as you can that day (it will vary day to day so don’t beat yourself up if some days you feel better than others). 

Practice Makes Permanent

Ok, now it’s your turn!  Simply reading this isn’t going to change your life. Remember the saying…

In order for things to change, first I must change.  If I don’t change, nothing much will change.

I invite you to decide right now that you’ll begin to practice The Morning Process for the next 30 days. 

What could you do each morning that would help you begin to feel empowered and positive each morning? How will you remember to do it every day? Will you set a reminder or find an accountability partner?

I promise if you commit to doing The Morning Process for 30 days you will notice the world inside and all around you will change.



Polly Mertens is a leader in the self-love movement spawned from her 20-year history with bulimia and she is now a recovery coach, blogger and public speaker. She is the founder of and her award-winning blog and life coaching are committed to helping women and men regain their power by connecting to their inner wisdom and moving from the world of struggle and surviving to thriving.