About those Extra "Vacation Pounds"

A short and sweet blog post for you today about the post vacation bulge we all tend to battle.  I recently went on a  glorious trip to Paris, the French Alps, Switzerland, and London!  It was a whirlwind twelve days that definitely took me out of my daily routine.  When you're not at the office, always eating on the go, and not exercising regularly, it's only natural to put on a few pounds.  If you google "Vacation Weight Gain" you will see that many are desperately seeking advice on how to lose weight following their trips.  One person writes: "Hi Guys, I'm so depressed, I went to the Bahamas for a week, and came back with the dreaded weight gain!!! I ate and drank like a pig, and actually kept telling myself, "I'm on vacation" not to mention those fattening Frozen drinks like Mud slides and all that, I had like 5 a day of those!"

I found this very relatable as this was often me in the past.  Actually, it was always me after every vacation!  I would always bemoan all the weight I had gained and curse my holiday destination for inspiring me to indulge.  It got to the point that I would even find myself dreading my getaways instead of looking forward to them!  Thankfully, I can say that this time around, this was not the case.  When I returned home, I found my clothes fitting a little tighter and instead of feeling guilty or upset - I felt delighted!  These particular pounds were gained whilst making some pretty amazing memories.

Let's see, I lounged on a dock with my sister and my best friend in 30 degree sunshine, drinking ice cold imported beer between swims.

Imported beer!

Relaxed in front of an old prison built in 1132 with a double scoop of gelato in hand (devouring it before it dripped!).


Relished in eating ooey gooey fondue in the mountains after a tiring day of hiking and paragliding.  And maybe best of all, I started one morning curled up on a terrace overlooking the Alps with hot croissants and pains au chocolat fresh from the local village's boulangerie.  From my perspective, I was darn lucky to have the privilege to gain these extra vacation pounds.

Now I'm back to my old routine, and without trying, my body adjusted to its natural size.  But oh what I would do for some extra vacation pounds right now...

Priyanka Parshad volunteers at the National Eating Disorders Information Centre as their Social Media Editor, you can follow her tweets for NEDIC @NEDIC85