The Holiday Cookie Conundrum

It’s no surprise that this holiday season I have been faced with more opportunities than I can count to eat cookies, candies, chocolates and pastries. They appear like magic, in every corner of every room. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type to be offended by an offering of holiday treats of any kind. I’ll take them shaped like trees, glittered with festive sprinkles, or loaded with chocolate. What really bothers me is the mixed messages we seem to receive between the first cookie tray and the first day back at work or school.

The Holidays

The holiday season has begun. I love this time of the year - everyone's excited as Christmas comes along, the winter means that it'll soon be snowy out, and there's a well-deserved break from school and work.


Life sometimes gets so hectic. We become trapped between all the things that we have to do, and it seems impossible that we will be able to finish everything. I hate feeling stressed. I've learned some interesting things about stress during my studies... mainly, that stress has many negative impacts on our bodies and functioning. Stress releases cortisol, a hormone that breaks down our muscles to make energy from the protein. Too much cortisol can also cause memory loss, as well as suppress the immune system – so it becomes easier to get sick.

Back To School

School is starting and I'm feeling mixed emotions about this. The great thing is that I will be back at my university studying what I love best - nursing. The workload is heavy and tough but I love learning about my future career. I love seeing my friends and having a good laugh. I enjoy practicing my skills on dummies (it actually is pretty fun...!)

Balance Perfectionism

I participated in a group discussion recently regarding perfectionism. We were given a list of types of perfectionism – physical, achievement, perceived, emotional, self-esteem, relationship, etcetera. With so much talk about wellness and balance, I think sometimes I fall into balance perfectionism. Maybe some of that comes from the notion of being able to have it all – or even having to do my wellness "perfectly".

'Tis the Season...

Jingling bells, hanging holly and Hannukah candles.

Cinnamon and clove scents.

My Aunt Elma’s hearty laugh and kind ways.

These sensations are some of what the holiday season brings, and I anticipate with pleasure the well-known traditions of the season.

Even the commercial aspects, done in planned bursts, can be fun, from scouting out the year’s best music CD for my sister, to conferring with the cute guy at the liquor store about the best-priced bottle of red for my uncle.