NEDIC has a non-dieting, client-centred, feminist philosophy. This means that NEDIC workers will not refer clients to diet centres. We do not refer people to services that encourage clients to restrict what they eat as a way to solve their preoccupation with food and weight. NEDIC believes that dieting can harm people physically and emotionally. Dieting also supports the idea that changing your body will help you to control and improve your life.

NEDIC promotes healthy lifestyles, including both healthy eating and appropriate, enjoyable exercise. Being client-centred means that our staff try to give people information and guidance about every option so that our clients can make informed choices for themselves.

As feminists, we believe that all human beings are of equal value, and have equivalent civil rights. These beliefs are behind our efforts to show how eating disorders are influenced by society and culture. Another part of our work is to help people see prejudice against fat people. We also work to increase awareness of myths and stereotypes that allow people to be unfair to any other person, thin or fat. At NEDIC, we believe that food and weight issues for both women and men are related to the society in which we live. We do not believe that eating disorders develop only out of an individual's biology.

We recognize that our information and most of our clients are from North America. We recognize that there are cultural differences among communities, and for people outside of North America.